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Unlock Your Car Remotely With Digital Car Keys

Imagine throwing away bulky key fobs and unlocking your car with a simple tap of your smartphone. Now this is possible!

Digital car keys are changing the way we access our vehicles, offering convenience, security, and a brand-new experience for consumers.

This is the secure, future-proof solution to remotely unlock cars.


Unlock Your Car Using Your Smartphone


Digital car keys use Near Field Communication (NFC) or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to create a secure, encrypted connection between your smartphone and the car’s onboard computer.

In practice, this eliminates the need for physical keys. Instead, you can unlock your car remotely via a smartphone app.


The benefits go beyond just convenience.


Never lose your car keys again


Securely store your digital car key in your smartphone app. That way, you eliminate the stress of lost or misplaced fobs.


Easily share access to the vehicle


Grant temporary access to family or friends remotely, perfect for loaning the car without physically handing over the keys.

You can generate additional keys to let your friends and family unlock the car with their mobile devices.


Enhanced security with digital car keys


Gone are the days of vulnerable key fobs.

Digital car keys use robust encryption and multi-factor authentication, making them virtually impossible to hack or replicate.


Encrypted communication


Digital keys use secure protocols to prevent unauthorized access, potentially reducing the risk of vehicle theft.


Real-time notifications


Receive alerts on your phone if someone tries to tamper with your car, providing peace of mind.


Location Tracking


Know where your car is at any given moment thanks to GPS tracking.

Movitronic’s KeyBox.One is equipped with a 4G broadband connection and a GPS tracking device, allowing real-time location tracking.


Monitor The Behavior


The onboard inertia meter measures driving behavior.

You can safely lend your car to friends and family and ensure the vehicle is not driven recklessly.


Movitronic- A Digital Car Key Solution


Ditch the key fob!

Movitronic’s KeyBox.One unlocks a new era of car access.

This multi-functional device transforms your existing keyfob into digital car keys, paving the way for keyless solutions in car rentals, car sharing programs, and even corporate carpooling initiatives.

Learn more about how Movitronic empowers a smoother and more digital car access experience.

Kenneth Pohl
Co-founder & CEO of Movitronic

Kenneth has more than 10 years of experience in sales, mobility and technology.

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