Platform for Digital Key and Car Connectivity

We make it easy to share vehicle access. Our technology package includes hardware, servers, user interfaces, integrations, APIs, and SDKs – everything you need to launch and scale a digital vehicle access service.​

Movitronic Platform as a foundation for your services

Movitronic provides advanced vehicle control technology for car sharing, rentals, and corporate use. Our API and SDK options allow for easy integration into your own apps while maintaining your brand identity.

Works with all types of cars with an OBD II connector

The solution neither interferes with car manufacturer's built-in security systems nor injects any commands into the car's systems.
The solution avoids any hacks or hardwired modifications, preserving your car manufacturer's warranty and security systems.
* Please note that while our device is compatible with the vast majority of vehicles on the market, there might be an extremely rare instance (0.03% of all vehicles) where specific factory options could affect its functionality.

Vehicle Protection & Damage Detection

Vehicle Security adds another layer of security being a tracking device and immobiliser meaning you can revoke driver’s access. An integrated anti-theft relay can be installed for additional security.

Damage Detection

Movitronic Keybox.One offers high-resolution 6-axis movement detection for damages such as punctured tyres, scratches, dents, pumps, damages under the vehicles and more.

Digital-Keys Security

Movitronic issues and distributes secure BLE digital keys between devices and end user apps. All our data channels are encrypted for maximum security. Digital keys expire after the rental period is over.

Security Alerts

Multiple layers of security alerts will help to prevent vehicle theft, reduce vehicle downtime, detect unauthorised journeys and reckless driving. Take action on time when damage info has been recorded.

Developer-Centric API & SDK Platform

Integrate Movitronic with a single integration and help build mobility services that work better for everyone. Deploy with mobile (iOS and Android) and web SDKs, or integrate via API.


Fully Seamless

Movitronic products are designed to work seamlessly with your car’s original locking system. With this device, you can easily remotely open, lock, and park your vehicle without causing any damage to your key or car.

Easy To Use Device

Everything On Board

Inserting the key into the device is all it takes to enjoy convenient control over the car. The installation process is a breeze, with a professional concealed install taking around 15 minutes to complete, and removal only taking about 10 minutes.

Fully Seamless

Our in-vehicle IoT device offers a variety of features, including an inertia meter that can be used to score driver behavior, an internal battery, a detachable GPS antenna, and live data aggregation from the vehicle. With onboard Bluetooth LE, you can even control the car in areas with no mobile reception, where regular devices may not work.

Driving The Future

About Us

Transforming the Industry

Our experience in the car rental industry spans several years, providing global brokering services under This has equipped us with market-specific knowledge that mobility companies require to transition their services into the digital era.

We Design, We Build, We Run

At Movitronic, we take pride in designing and producing all of our hardware and software in-house. This allows us to have complete control over all processes and ensures that we are able to provide our customers with reliable and high-quality services and products.

We Care About Sustainability

Movitronic devices are manufactured using eco-friendly technologies and machinery. The majority of the product components are fully recyclable, and recycled materials have been utilized in production. Our products are built to last.

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Looking to automate corporate fleet management? Or want to bring your car rental operations to the digital age? Movitronic’s products and in-house expertise can help you quickly transform your operations.