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Digital car rental in its early days

Wait – is this real? 🥹

👉 Check out this video showcasing how outdated and clumsy the rental experience still is in 2024, despite the majority of people having smartphones in their hands. Digital car rental is still it’s very early stage.

This is first hand experience which I documented to show everybody that the change is needed.

I did rent a car from Marrakesh airport and I chose one of the cheapest rental car brands that offer a rental car in Marrakesh airport.

There’s an enormous opportunity for car rental companies to transition from their old-fashioned operations to a digital approach. I personally understand the frustrations of end customers, having interviewed them extensively to grasp the issues thoroughly.

Here you can find one of the comments from my friend who visited Marrakesh 2017 and had unpleasant rental experience similar way as I had. Read her LinkedIn comment here:

The most common end-consumer complaints include (non digital rental service):

  •  Low service quality and competence
  • Language issues when communicating with rental agents
  • Unwanted upselling of extras
  • Long queues
  • Time-consuming paperwork during car pickup

To be honest, I’ve faced many of these issues myself when renting a car. Check them out in this video.

I urge rental companies to embrace change; it unlocks so much value for the business that you can’t even imagine. Trust in technology!

What can car rental companies do to change in order to offer digital car rental service?

  • They need to believe the change first hand;
  • They need to have end-user mobile app for digital rental experience;
  • They need to have vehicle data (odometer, fuel, location etc) and digital key hardware ;
  • Integration with their booking management system.

Good part is that Movitronic provides all the key parts of the technology to start with the change today from old-fashioned operations to a digital approach:

digital car rental solution by Movitronic

What activities you can do today to change this stagnated way of renting a car?

It’s a long term game, small step needs to be taken today in order to be in the competition in the future.


Kenneth Pohl
Co-founder & CEO of Movitronic

Kenneth has more than 10 years of experience in sales, mobility and technology.

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