Movitronic Connects Any
Car Make & Model

from 1996 with remote and OBDII connector

Perfectly fits any luxury sports cars

We received grant (184,500€) from the European Union Regional Development

Full support for commercial vehicles

Profit For Everyone

Fleet Owners

More control over your vehicles. Analytics of your fleet usage and vehicle management.


Get accurate driver behavioural scores for personalising insurance services.

Car Sharing

Easy to plug your car into car sharing platforms. Earn money while working.

Private Car Owners

Share car access from your smartphone with anyone.

Car Rental Companies

Provide convenient service for your customers with contactless rental.


Leave parcels or groceries safe inside a car trunk or saloon. Contactless.


To plug your car into Movitronic network

Technical Specification

Movitronic makes a difference how we live with our vehicles

Receive Parcels In Trunk

No need to meet with postman. Open from the app your trunk and receive parcels in your car trunk.

Vehicle Access Share

Share your vehicle access with family members or friends from anywhere anytime. Car share made simple.

Bulletproof Connection

We have you covered even in underground parking garage with bluetooth connection and
overground with 4G 

Driver Behavioural Analytics

Collecting driver behavioural data for transparency that car owner sees how its car is used. 

Smart Notifications

Notifications for device owner when car is damaged, share expires or any important action with your vehicle. 

New Possibilities

Earn money while not using your vehicle. We are building inte-grations with car sharing platforms to make it easy to rent your car. 

Manage Multiple Devices

Easy to use admin panel for device owners to manage your devices, shares and vehicles from one place. Full overview of your vehicle park. 

Changing Industries

With the full ecosystem we are allowing mobility companies to change they business more contactless and digital. 

Importance Of Security

All data connections are encrypted and your digital key device is built with the automotive industry standards. 

Car Key In Your Smartphone

Forget your physical car key and choose convenience. Less items in your pocket, smaller chance loosing your car key.  

Easy To Install

Device installation less than 10 minutes. We made it simple so you don’t need to hire a technical person to do the job. 

Vehicle Location Tracker

Track your vehicle location from your mobile application. You never loose control of your vehicle location. 

Digital Transformation

How To Own A
Car In Future

Customers are increasingly using smartphones as a main interface for their online activities. This is a growing market with the potential to change the way we rent cars for all purposes, and has widespread implications for being able to find and access a vehicle, anytime, anywhere.

Decisive Competitive Advantage

“Over the years, SIXT has developed
into a tech company with connected car
rental. We are convinced that the
company that has the best technology
has a decisive competitive advantage on
their side”

by Eric Sixt 16/06/21 in General Meeting

Movitronic Story

Transforming Mobility Industry

We have been in the car rental industry for several years providing brokering services globally under From there we have acquired market-specific knowledge that mobility companies are looking for to transform their services into the digital era.

We Design, We Build, We Run

All the hardware is designed and produced at our in-house premises. Same for the software, we develop and maintain all of our tech stack ourselves. In addition to providing control over all of the processes, by using this approach, we can provide reliable and high-quality services and products.

We Believe

Our goal is to become the global leader of digital-key-devices and telematics. Our belief in the technology allows us to build a network of connected cars. This, in turn, allows us to develop a new layer of services for network members.

We Care About Sustainability

Movitronic devices are produced using environmentally friendly technologies and machinery. Most product parts are totally recyclable, and recycled raw-materials have been used. Our products are built to last.

Evolution of Car Sharing

  • 1625

    Horse renting

    Horse renting was the first type of transportation rental.

  • 1904

    First car rental

    First car rental business was established in Minneapolis, United Sates.

  • 1921

    Sixt opened its business

    Sixt Corporation is one of the oldest and most innovative rental car companies.

  • 1946

    Market growth

    Car rental industry started to boom after World War II during economic recovery.

  • 1948

    Car sharing

    Car sharing grew up in baby steps from a small community in Zürich.

  • 1998

    First in the U.S.

    CarSharing Portland was the first car sharing company established in the U.S.

  • 2017

    Growing user base

    Around 10 million car-sharing members globally.

  • 2021


    Europcar scales to all its customer direct-vehicle access and makes it a new standard.

  • 2025

    Growth ain’t stop

    Around 36 million car-sharing members world wide, growing annually 16%

  • 2030

    Numbers Talk

    36% of all mileage driven in Europe will be in shared-use vehicle.