Movitronic KeyBox.One Device Setup Manual

Movitronic KeyBox.One comes with:

  • OBD cable
  • GPS antenna.
  • Key-cradle including battery emulator (inside the box).

You need a T15 and Phillips screwdriver to open the box and cradle, as well you need something that helps you open the car keyfob.

Step 1

Now you need to open the keyfob to remove the battery.

Step 2

After removing the battery from the keyfob, you need to open the box by unscrewing screws from the bottom.

Step 3

Then you need to open the key cradle by removing the Philips screws.

Step 4

Now you have to insert the battery emulator inside the remote, instead of the battery. 

  • Close the lid of the keyfob being caution about the ribbon cable so it would not snap
  • Keyfob buttons must be upside

Step 5

When the key is inside the cradle, attach the top plate and fix it with 4 screws.

Step 6

Now, put the cradle inside to the top part of the box, cable facing the side where is the cut-out for the cable plug sockets.

Step 7

You might receive the device in transport mode, battery being physically disconnected from a device. To start, you need to make sure that the battery jumper is being connected, so the device can run on an internal battery.

Battery jumper disconnected in transport mode (jumper open)

Battery jumper connected ( jumper closed)

Step 8

After this the box can be put back together by screwing bolts on the bottom side. 

NB! Do not forget to store your car key part and battery in a safe place!

KeyBox.One LED Indicators

When you have connected the device to the ODB port, then the led lights on top of the connection port show different statuses.




Data Connection Indicator
Slow blinking for RX packet.
Blinking on connection.
Modem Error
Not lit
Running on 12V
Turned on
Running on Internal Battery
Blinking after every 5 seconds
Needs 12V
Battery Emulator Power
Fast blinking (0.5 sec)
Data connection indicator
General Error
Blinks from Orange to Green
Blinks from Orange to Green
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